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Psalms JourneyIn 2010 Richard and good friend Mike Clark answered the call to start a southern gospel quartet; originally called “No Other Way” the name was later changed to “Psalms Journey” in January of 2017.

The quartet’s goal is to not only be entertaining but more importantly share the gospel of Jesus Christ through their music; always striving to produce a good quality sound enhanced by personable and professional stage presence. Their ultimate goal is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ. This requires each member to have an undeniable call to the ministry and to be firmly committed to serving the Lord – proclaiming His love.

The members of Psalms Journey are:

Dale Richmond – Piano Player
Kris Emmert – Lead Singer
Dee Vaughn – Tenor Singer
Robert Townzen – Bass Singer
Richard Townzen – Owner / Manager / Baritone and Emcee

Mike Clark the original bass singer stepped down due to health reasons.
We thank the Lord for allowing us to witness the salvation of so many during our concerts and church services over the years.

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